OVE Bullying Questionnaire 2018
1. How do you like school?
2. How many good friends do you have at school?
3. How often have you been bullied at school in the past couple months?
4. I am made fun of, or teased in a hurtful way.
5. Other students leave me out of things on purpose, or leave me out from their group of friends, or completely ignored me.
6. I am hit, kicked, pushed, or shoved around.
7. Kids try to leave me out or tell things about me that are not true.
8. I have had someone at school take something of mine or break something on purpose.
9. I have had someone say, "I won't be your friend if you don't do this."
10. Kids tease me about the way I look.
11. Has anyone bullied you by text or internet?
12. I am bullied in another way
13. If you have been bullied is the student in your class?
14. Who bullies you?
15. How long have you been bullied?
16. Where have you been bullied? (Check all that apply)
17. Did you tell someone you were bullied?
18. Please check the boxes for all the people you have told. (Check all that apply)
19. How often do the teachers or other adults at school try to put a stop to it when a student is being bullied at school?
20. How often do other students try to put a stop to it when a student is being bullied at school?
21. If you see a bully at school how would you feel?
22. How often have you bullied someone?
23. I use unkind words.
24. I leave others out on purpose.
25. I have hit, kicked, pushed, or shoved.
26. I make up lies about others.
27. I take things from others.
28. I tell others to do things or I won't be their friend.
29. I tease kids if they look different.
30. Have you ever bullied anyone by text or internet?
31. Has your teacher ever talked to you because you were bullying someone?
32. Do you think you could join in bullying a student whom you do not like?
33. Have you ever told anyone when you see bullying?
34. How often are you afraid of being bullied by other students in your school?
35. Do you feel like your teacher helps you when you are bullied?
36. Did your school counselor teach your class helpful ways to deal with bullies?
37. How do you describe yourself? (check all that apply)
38. Are you a boy or a girl? *
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