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Thank you for signing up to assist with our Crisis Pantry Program and helping us to become one of the largest LGBTQ+ ran pantries/mutual aid networks in the midwest! Since the beginning of the pandemic, our Crisis Pantry Program has expanded significantly. We've divided it into two components, the BSA Crisis Pantry, and the Crisis Pantry Network.

The Crisis Pantry Network is an extension of our already existing Crisis Pantry. Through this network, we’ve been able to expand our pantry to different areas within Chicago by partnering with other pantry organizations/sites as their sole supplier, while they distribute supplies on our behalf. As a volunteer for the Crisis Pantry Network, your responsibility is to make sure that all additional pantry locations have the supplies that they need. You will be asked to pick up a set amount of supplies from one of our drop off locations and deliver them to one or more of our pantry partner sites. All individuals interested in joining the Crisis Pantry Network volunteer group must meet the following criteria: Must have open availability/flexible schedule Mon - Fri between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm, must be comfortable traveling throughout the city, must have access to a van or truck/SUV, must be able to assist with lifting/carrying heavy items (bags of rice, canned goods, etc.)

We are still facilitating deliveries to the homes of community members through our BSA Crisis Pantry. All BSA Crisis Pantry volunteers will assist with weekly deliveries to community members in need. All individuals interested in making weekly deliveries to the homes of community members must have access to a vehicle and must have flexibility within their schedule from Mon - Fri between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. Once this form has been completed each volunteer will be added to their desired volunteer google group where we post all available volunteer opportunities. If individuals are looking for immediate volunteer opportunities we encourage everyone to view our social media accounts.
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