SGCI Coronavirus Survey
SGC International needs your assistance in helping us with Puertográfico 2020 conference planning related to the coronavirus. The SGCI Executive Board and the Puertográfico 2020 Steering Committee want to make informed decisions and adjustments to conference planning as needed. There are a myriad of interrelated factors involved in SGCI conferences. One seemingly simple change often affects the dynamics of complex systems underlying our yearly gatherings. We need to hear from you about any changes to your plans to attend Puertográfico so that we are making decisions effectively.

Please take a minute to fill out this anonymous survey if you are registered to attend this year's conference in San Juan. These five quick questions will take you only a moment, but they will help us immeasurably.

Thank you so much for participating actively and contributing to the well-being of our community.
Do you plan on canceling your attendance of this year’s SGCI conference due to the coronavirus? *
If you are canceling your attendance, please indicate your reason.
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If you are canceling, are you a event manager/presenter in a:
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Are you a vendor? *
If you have booked a room to stay at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino and all individuals staying in your room are canceling the room reservation, how many nights were you planning on staying at the Sheraton? Please only answer if you are the individual who is responsible for the booked room.
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