Challenger Baseball Code of Conduct 2016 - Juniors
By adding your players name and team name at the bottom you accept all of the statements in the code of conduct.

We, the Program Directors of Challenger Baseball, A Division of District 8 Little League, have implemented the following Sport Parent Code of Conduct for the important message it holds about the proper role of parents in supporting their player and behavior we will be encouraging from all of our players. Parents and players should read and sign this form prior to participating in our league.

The essential elements of character-building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core principles: • Trustworthiness, • Respect, • Responsibility, • Fairness, • Caring, and • Good Citizenship. The highest potential of sports is achieved when competition reflects these “six pillars of character.”

I therefore agree:

If my child needs, I will be on the field assisting my child at all times.

I understand that the Coach(s) cannot be responsible for every player’s actions at all times. I assume responsibility as a parent to supervise my child or children. Whether it is my child playing on the field or my other children on the sidelines, I will make sure my child/children are supervised at all times & respect all others around us. At no time will I leave a child unsupervised, and that includes on any playground associated with our fields.

I will give only encouragement & applaud only positive accomplishments of my child & his/her team mates.

I will ensure that my child does not become physically or verbally aggressive to other children around him/her; if it does happen, I will immediately intervene & respect any requests made by the coach to help my player regroup.

I will respect the Coach(s) & other parents/volunteers at all times, along with respecting any decisions that the Coach(s) make on the field.

I will never demonstrate threatening or abusive behavior, or use foul language at any Event. If I see any behavior that concerns me, I will immediately report it to a coach or administrator. These behaviors are grounds for immediate dismissal from the league.

I will teach my child that doing one’s best and being a part of a team is the most important part of our games, so that he is never disappointed in his/her performance. I will praise my child and other children for competing fairly and trying hard, and make my players and other players feel encouraged.

I will respect all of the facilities & clean up after myself & my child.

I understand that pictures and videos will be taken of all children during games. If I would prefer not to have my child’s pictures displayed on marketing materials, facebook or the league’s website, I will immediately let the coach know.

I understand that my child must be at 7 out of 14 games (weather Permitting) in order to receive a trophy at the end of the year banquet.

I will respect that children with Special Needs have fears associated with pets and will only bring Official Service Dogs to the fields. If asked by a coach or Program Director, I will remove a dog or another pet because I understand that children with autism or other disabilities may run from the pet. That action may cause the dog or pet to chase after the player. If the league asks a dog owner to remove the dog more than once the owner will be ejected from the league.

I will remember there is no smoking on or near the field at any time. I will demand a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all sports events.

Children who are 15 years and older on opening day of the league will be given the option to move to the adult or senior league. At age 17 all players will be moved out of the junior league. Players moving to the Senior League will be moved onto those teams at the discretion of the coaches and program directors. Players who would like to continue to play at the junior league level (no strikes called, all players get an at bat, fielding work is minimal) will be moved to the adult teams.

Players on the Senior League are expected to follow the rules of the coaches. The Seniors play a more challenging level of baseball where strikes and outs are called. Players are expected to play the infield and outfield with attention to the batter during that time. If a coach sees behavior that leads him to believe that the Senior League may cause an injury to a player based on his/her behavior, he can make the decision to move the player to the Adult League.

Players on the Adult League play the same game rules as the Junior League with no strikes or outs called and assistance in the outfield and infield expected.

Safety is the number one priority of the league. If a player poses a risk to any other player or if playing the game may cause injury to that player, the league directors under the advice of the coaching staff, have the ability to move or dismiss players from the league regardless of the league rules stated above. All decisions by the league directors will be final and you waive any rights, and acknowledge that you will have no recourse or claim of any nature whatsoever against us, our volunteers or coaches. In the event of a dispute, our decision will be final and binding.

Any Challenger player under the age of 15 that needs to use the public restroom at Burnham Park or Carrier Park will be accompanied into the restroom by the appropriate parent, caregiver, family member and/or trusted adult.

Any player needing special assistance over the age of 15 that needs to use the public restroom at Burnham Park or Carrier Park shall be accompanied into the restroom by the appropriate parent, caregiver, family member and/or trusted adult.

If the parent, caregiver, family member and/or trusted adult is unable to physically accompany the player into the bathroom for any reason, the parent, caregiver, relative and/or trusted adult should seek out a Challenger administrator or volunteer to assist.

Any failure to implement these restroom protocols shall be immediately brought to the attention of the Challenger Baseball Program Director or Administrators.

Any Challenger parent, caregiver, relative and/or trusted adult shall be strongly encouraged to work with fellow Challenger families to monitor and keep and eye on the safety of all of our players while using the public facilities and the public restrooms.

I understand that if the above Conduct is not followed, I may be asked to leave the program for the season.

I will monitor communication from the league to my player and respond to emails when alerts are sent out.

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