Evergreen SP Application
If you would like to participate as a Storage Provider in the Evergreen data onboarding program, please fill out the following form for every minerID (f0XXXXX) operated by your SP organization that you want to receive deals at.

After filling out this form, we will reach out to you on Filecoin Slack with additional questions or further instructions (including notifying you of approval to participate and start making deals with the Slingshot deal engine).

Note: as part of filling out this form and participating as an SP for the deal engine, we will need to use data associated with your SP ID in our automation/APIs. APIs may also be used in the future to support other related efforts, i.e., a CID replication heatmap, a Slingshot / Evergreen SP reputation-based ranking, etc. We will ensure no private/KYC information will be made available in any of these cases, i.e., nothing about your name or your entity's name will be accessible (just your SP ID and physical location may be).
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Storage Provider operator name *
The name of your SP operator organization. This can be the same as your name if you are operating this minerID yourself in your own datacenter not under a different legal entity. Else, list your legal entity, or the SP operator you contract with.
Your handle on filecoin.io/slack *
Your member ID on filecoin.io/slack *
Go to your slack profile -> click on the three dots -> "Copy member ID"
Your email *
Your email address where we can reach out to coordinate on Evergreen efforts and set up additional communication channels if required (i.e., Discord)
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