Intake Form for Partners - Career Opportunities for Students (Projects, Internships, and Jobs)
This is an intake form for the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures community members throughout Vanderbilt and beyond to share potential projects, practicums and summer positions for students to partake in meaningful work. Our hope is that amidst the uncertainty of compounding recent events, the Vanderbilt community will continue to use its talent, passion, and unrelenting spirit to keep going.

Our students are interdisciplinary graduate students here at Vanderbilt– seeking MBAs, Masters of Education in Education Policy, Community Development, Leadership & Organizational Performance, Masters of Public Health, Economic Development, and more. They are united at the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures by their shared pursuit of social impact – and specifically to question and solve the complexities of how business can drive social change. In a time like this, we know that as students and leaders, they have their work cut out for them – as do you – so please help us connect them with ways to meaningfully contribute and learn with you in the months ahead.

Here are a few of the ways you can support students in their experiential learning:

(1) Project Ideas

(2) Internship Opportunities

(3) Full-time employment

If you'd like to chat more about this engagement opportunity, don't hesitate to reach out to
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If your organization or one in your network has traditional internships/ full-time job opportunity, please share a link or description of the position here.
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In what city and state would this role be located?
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Projects may be individual or team-based work. This might be a way that students can meaningfully contribute and learn with your work in the months / summer ahead. This may be a consulting-based project or independent study.
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What would the timeline for this project look like? (2 months, 10 weeks, i.e.)
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Please share anything else with us that might help us to support you OR ideas you may have to support our students!
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