Solidi Broker Questionnaire
Please fill out this questionnaire to tell Solidi a bit about yourself and your intended trading as a broker. This helps us know what you are looking to achieve and what your existing experience is.
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Bitcoin experience? *
Can you please explain your existing bitcoin experience and particular your existing trading experience - either in bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies or in other foreign exchange or equities environments.
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How do you currently source your Bitcoins (or other Crypto currency)? *
How often do you intend to actively trade? *
Bearing in mind that the Solidi client is entirely automated and should not require much intervention on your part, how often do you plan to be trading - i.e. how often do you intend to have coins available for sale.
How much do you anticipate you will trade per month in GBP? *
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How can you be competitive in your pricing on Solidi? *
We're keen to understand if you can be competitive in your pricing on Solidi, so please explain with reference to our existing pricing how you can undercut this and remain comfortable with your profit margin.
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What crypto currencies do you want to trade? *
What fiat currencies do you want to trade? *
How do you currently price your trades or intend to price trades?
What limitations and / or restrictions do you currently apply to trades or intend to apply to trades?
What computer do you own? *
To use Solidi you need to run the Broker Client software on your computer. You need to be comfortable with using the command line / unzipping / compressing. If you use an older version of Windows / Mac / Linux, please supply further details below.
What accounts do you have from our supported banks?
To be a Solidi broker you need to have a separate bank account to receive payments. Although Solidi has 10x lower fraud rates than other broker sites, it is not advised to use your main bank account. If you do not have a separate bank account then we would recommend you open an account with Yorkshire or Clydesdale Bank -
What other accounts do you have?
If you let us know what other accounts you have, this lets us know what banks to target for future versions of the broker software.
Anything else?
Anything else you want to let us know about that's not been covered above.
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