Visioning Survey
This survey is a follow up to previous invitations to engage with Church Council in strategic planning and visioning for our building and grounds. A group that met in response to an invitation to the congregation in  November recommended a survey be sent out to members and regular attenders. We ask that you participate in this reflective visioning survey with the congregation's Star Word - "Transform" - in mind. 
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Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with our church. What specifically keeps you at or connected to First United?
Have you considered making a change in your attendance or membership? If yes, please share constructive comments on why.
Looking ahead
The following questions were drawn from Sacred Structures literature but their use should not be viewed as an endorsement of the views or teachings of Sacred Structures, author Jim Baker, or Brentwood Baptist Church.
What would our church look like if we reached our full potential? If we had unlimited resources and couldn’t fail, what would you like to see our church attempt?
What trends inside or outside the church could limit our effectiveness or impact?
Because of our specific location and facilities, what solutions and opportunities could we provide that no other church in our area can do as well?
I am willing to be contacted to discuss my answers in more detail.
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