FAQs about Consulting for Norwex
Compliments of your Planet Green Team Norwex Independent Consultant
Do I get anything special if I sign up this month?
Why YES, yes you do!!!! When you join in February, you get a FREE Envirowand and Window Cloth Mop Pad with your Starter Kit!! PLUS, you get 3 reduced qualification tickets to use as you start sponsoring team members! This can really help you get off to a strong start. And you get to start your business with the super generous February hosting gifts to wonderfully reward your first party hosts!!

The Standard Party Starter Kit comes with so many of my FAVES being able to start for just around $10 shipping and earning it for FREE with just $2000 in retail sales in your first 90 days!! The Norwex Starter Kit is such an awesome deal!!!!!

I'm guessing that between the products you'd like for your own home, building your demo kit, sharing with friends and family and doing a party or two, that you'll also rock out the FreshSTART steps to earn a TON of free Norwex! :)
OK, what comes in the Standard Consultant Starter Kit?!!
THE MOP!!! (My favorite!), an EnviroCloth (that's your "Everything Cloth"), a Window Cloth, a Dusting Mitt, the amazing Body Cloths, a mini Laundry Detergent, the cutest-ever mini Cleaning Paste, & a Rubber Brush!!! Plus lots of business supplies!!!! It truly is a Business-in-a-Box! And you can earn it all for F-R-E-E!!!! #ThankYouNorwex #NorwexBlessing

The best part? You can easily earn this kit for FREE by having just $2000 sales in your first 90 days (which equals out to just 4 average parties)!!! What do you have to lose to give it a try?
How Do I Sign Up?
You can sign up online via my website (just text me for the link) or over the phone with me.
You'll get your Consultant ID# (and your consultant privileges/ discount) instantly!
Do I Need A "Promotional Code" when I sign up?
Nope! If there is a monthly new consultant incentive it will be automatically added. You get the Party Starter Kit (over $280 in product value plus all of the business materials) and you can earn it for F-R-E-E with just $2,000 in sales in your first 90 days! That's just FOUR average parties... and you get to start right after the NEW PRODUCTS have been rolled out!!!!! With all of the EXTRA things happening this month (amazing Spend & Gets, host rewards, sign-on bonuses & more!), this is an incredible time to get started!
The Norwex hosting program will help you SIGNIFICANTLY in building your business... and it's 100% company-funded! Amazing!
Why Should I sign up?
Where do I even begin? There are so many incredible benefits to becoming a Norwex rep! In fact, in looking at many other companies, quite frankly, I haven't found one that compares.... and there are some really great direct selling companies out there, so that is saying a LOT!

*Fulfilling work...we are a company with an AMAZING mission! "Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes"
*Flexible schedule (allowing you to be a stay at home parent if you want or work your Norwex biz alongside your job)
*Incredible income potential
*A night out of the house... often including dessert, wine and great people
*An amazing team of people to work with
*Phenomenal team training & support (Planet Green Team has been named the #1 team in the US 2011-2016!)
*Recognition for your hard work from Norwex Corporate
*Incredible Leadership Development Opportunities
*A company who truly cares about their field of consultants and HEARS the feedback from their consultants.
*The ultimate way to Norwex your home...for free!
*Earning free vacations to incredible places with FUN people, sunshine, ocean, and sandy beaches!
Let's talk $$$$!
All consultants (as soon as they get their Consultant ID#!) earn a 35% commission (or a 35% discount on their personally-purchased products) on their product sales. The average party commission is about $200/party. So the more parties you do, the more $$$ you earn. There are also 7 levels of leadership you can advance to and earn even more money as you grow your team! There is NO ceiling on how much income you can earn.
More details on the Income Potential & Leadership Program here!
What are my requirements to keep my Consultant Account Active?
You need to sell at least $250 in product in a rolling 3 month period to keep your account Active. If you are buying product for yourself that would only be $162.50 in product after your 35% discount. The average party is $500-$600 so you'll likely find yourself meeting these minimums without even trying! And... there is NO annual renewal fee as long as you meet this minimum requirement. Gotta love that!!
What will it cost me to get started?
I absolutely love this question because Norwex is SO GENEROUS! It's only about $10 to ship your Starter Kit, and you then have 90 days to sell $2,000 worth of product to earn your kit for FREE. Before you have a freak-out moment about having $2,000 in sales, remember this: the average Norwex party sales is $500-$600. That's less than FOUR average parties during your first 90 days. For real. Who can't give this a 4-party try? It's SO doable!

In the case that you didn't meet your $2,000 goal in 90 days, you'd just pay $200 for your Starter Kit, and it's worth way more than that! And get this, even if you only sell $600 worth of product (i.e. your Launch Party), you just made $210 with your 35% commission which would pay for your starter kit AND shipping!! :)
Plus you'll have this THESE extra offers to offer your customers this month! CHECK OUT this incredible Spend & Get offer for YOU and your customers!!! What an amazing time to start your business!
Kit Builder Package DEALS plus FREE Business Supplies!!!!!!
These Kit Builder Packages are a ONE-TIME opportunity at the time of sign-up!!! They are a perfect way for you to start experiencing the Norwex products in your home, as well as having some door prizes for your first demos, etc!

There are also these 3 options and they are only available at the time of sign-up. Here are the reasons I think they are fantastic:
- You only pay the 35% consultant discounted price.... PLUS get an EXTRA discount and some free business supplies to help you get started!
- The full 100% retail price credit towards your $2,000 90-day-goal!
- You get the top selling products into your hands super-FAST!
-It's the Easy Button!!
-By choosing the Gold Package, you also meet your FreshSTART Step #1 right away!! Additionally, you’ll get credit for $434.51 toward your $2,000 in sales! (The Gold Package is my FAVE!!)
-A small investment for a BIG return!!! You'll be so glad you took advantage of one of the packages!!!
(Here's the lists of the exact products in the various Kit Builders.)
Let's take a look at how this can all come together!
What does the FreshSTART Program include?
Just the best business plan ever! So remember how you need to reach $2,000 in sales to keep your starter kit for free? Well, along the way you'll be collecting sales and inviting along team members... and in the process, racking up over $700 worth of free product!!
STEP 1: $400 in 15 days
STEP 2: $1,000 in 30 Days
STEP 3: $2,000 in 60 days

You can also reach recruiting goals by signing up some of your peeps during your first 90 days! There's no better time to start adding team members than when you're first getting started! That way you can learn together and do this Norwex thing alongside people that you enjoy hanging out with!

STEP 1: 1 Team Member in 45 days
STEP 2: 2 Team Members in 60 Days
STEP 3: 3 Team Members in 90 days

What an amazing, rewarding plan for just getting your business started right!
Norwex has an incredible FreshSTART strong start program! You can earn so much for FREE to support you in your business! Shopping Spree Bonuses when you join in September!!
As you build your team, you get to earn all of these!
Should I sign up for the "Text Alerts"?
YES, yes, yes!! Without question, you'll want to opt into these at the time of sign-up! Even if you're planning to do Norwex on a casual basis, these texts will alert you when you're close to hitting your Fresh Start goals, when an order online is placed by a customer, when orders ship, when a new team member signs up, if you gain a customer referral and basic training tips. They are extremely helpful!

Definitely DO opt IN for them when you sign up.
Do the host rewards come out of my commissions?
Very good question! With some companies, this is the case, but with Norwex, the hosting plan is 100% funded BY NORWEX!!! Which means you get to treat your hosts like kings and queens AND still take home your 35% commission! And the Hosting Plan is INSANELY generous!!!
Do I have to do parties?
No, parties are not required. (But you should try them because they really are amazing!)! ;) Many of our team members have started just for the discount, but after they use the products and see how amazing everything is, they end up telling everyone around them. And voilà, you have yourself the start of a potentially successful business. Norwex is SO GENEROUS to consultants, you'll find yourself wanting to earn all of the incentives they offer. Parties (both online and in-home) are an incredible way to get the word out about these life-changing products.
How much time does it take to do a party?
On average, I spend about 3-4 hours per party. I arrive about 20-30 min early to set up, give a 45 min - 1 hour presentation. (Don’t worry, you can literally just use the party cards Norwex includes in your Starter kit – they are fabulous!!) and take orders from customers for about an hour. You'll also spend some time coaching your host to have the best party possible.
When I do online parties, the actual "party" on Facebook is just 40 min long, with about another 30 min of questions and responding to comments. When customers place orders, I invoice them. The time needed for either a home or FB party ends up being approximately the same.
What if I'm not a "Party Person"? Can I do this another way?
This was true for so many of us! One thing I could understand right away, however, is that a product like Norwex is best SEEN in action, so I jumped in and did something that I couldn't even believe I was doing... home parties! And now I can actually say I love in-home Norwex parties. They are so fun and you'll meet some of the most amazing people! And they will help your business GROW!!

But yes, there are definitely other options to build your business. You can do online parties, you can share this more one-on-one, you can do trade shows.... or you can do all of the above! Find what works best for you.
Do I need to have inventory?
Nope. Consultants do not need to keep any inventory. Everything can ship directly from Norwex to your customer or host.
What kind of support can I expect?
Yes, this is a super important question. Our team (Planet Green Team) has been named one of the top two teams in Norwex for ten years! One of the reasons is excellent training and support. As your Norwex sponsor, I'll be your go-to person and mentor. We have weekly team calls, as well as a fabulous online team support group and an incredible team training website. You'll find no lack of training & support on this team! As a company, Norwex also offers fabulous consultant support and a wonderful Consultant Care Team!!
How long has Norwex been around?
Norwex started in 1994 in Norway. "Norwex" stands for "NORWegian EXperience." They expanded to Canada in 1999 and in 2012, became a US company. Norwex is now in many countries around the globe. Our mission is to "improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in the home." Something that's uber important to me is that Norwex is debt-free, financially sound company. That is so important when choosing a business to start.

Read More Here: https://norwex.biz/en_US/about/our-heritage
Is this a pyramid scheme?
No, it definitely is not. Pyramid schemes are illegal. Norwex is a direct selling company in the home-party industry that sells amazing, cutting edge products to real people. Our consultants earn 35% commission on product sales. A question I often get is "Is this Network Marketing". No, it is not. There are some very key business model differences. I absolutely love the Norwex business plan. It is amazing!
Are there any fun trips that I can earn? :)
What happens if I decide Norwex isn't for me?
Nothing. No penalty. No cancellation fees or anything like that. You'd just have a lot of amazing Norwex products in your home and you can enjoy the consultant 35% discount as long as your account is active.
OK... let me see the small print!
Here you go! :)
I'm ready to get started! Now what?
It's super simple- just let me know you are ready and we will complete consultant application online and you'll have your Consultant ID# within minutes!! :) Just message, text or call me! I'm excited to connect with you to answer any of your questions!
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