Junior Survey
HBHS STUDENTS ONLY: Please complete this survey before your Junior Conference.
Upon completing this, you may sign up for a meeting that works for you (and parent/s).

Parents, please allow for your son/daughter to complete this form.
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Which postsecondary options are you preparing for? (check all that apply) *
List your academic interests or possible college major(s). *
Not sure? Try looking up majors at a college or an assessment: www.mymajors.com/
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Do you have a career goal in mind? If so, share here.
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What are important qualities you are looking for in your future college? List at least 5 important characteristics (such as location, size, academic programs, type of learning environment, social environment, diversity, etc.)
Take a look at this worksheet on qualities that will make a college right for you: http://schoolbuff.com/~kkp3k3lyinoy/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/19-Qualities-That-Will-Make-a-College-Right-for-You.pdf
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SAT/ACT: Have you taken an official SAT or ACT? (Y/N) If so, list when you took it and your test scores. You can list PSAT scores, if you didn't take an official SAT/ACT. *
Remember: SAT is on 400-1600 scale with 2 sections (800 per section). ACT is on a 1-36 scale with a composite score and 4 sections. Include writing score, if it was taken.
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Athletics: Are you being recruited by colleges for athletics? *
Are you the first in your family to go to a 4-year college? *
This means that neither of your parents attended and graduated from a 4-year college/university. You are considered a first generation college even if both parents didn't attend college, but your sibling did.
Do you qualify for Free/Reduced lunch? *
Even if you may not eat lunch at school, please check if YES if your family income qualifies you for Free/Reduced lunch. See income guidelines here: https://1.cdn.edl.io/ptCaOvbIQB3YUdk9ZmAlnL9mTSYv20JyjqQE6Ugm33tD3bJm.pdf
Do any of these apply to you? Check off all that apply.
Your response to this question is confidential and will not be shared with anyone. This information will be used to provide information and resources, only. Please respond if comfortable sharing.
What do you want the focus of your Junior Conference to be? *
List topics you'd like to discuss or specific question(s) you may have.
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