MCQ Quiz - Data Structures - B-Trees
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Q1.There is a situation where it is not possible to store the whole data in primary storage and access to secondary storage is comparatively expensive then the ideal data structure in this case is
Q2. The following insertions are made to an initially empty B-tree of order 5 1,12,8,2,25,5,14,28,17 now the root node contains the element/elements
Q3.A B-Tree of order 5 is constructed by inserting the elements in the given order 1,12,8,2,25,5,14,28,17,7,52,16,48 then the value of r[1]-c1[1] is (where r represents the root and c1 represents the first child of the root)
Q4.From the above Tree if the elements 14 and 16 are deleted then what are the contents of the root node
Q5.A is a B-Tree of minimum degree 2 and D is a B-Tree of minimum degree 4 there are 15 nodes in each then which of the following is true
Q6.Which of the following is true
Q7.A B-Tree of order 5 has an height of 2 then what is the maximum number of nodes present in it
Q8.A Tree data structure with the following properties is.. -keeps keys in sorted order for sequential traversing -keeps the index balanced with an elegant recursive algorithm -uses partially full blocks to speed up insertions and deletions
Q9.Which of the following is/are true.. a) All the leaves are at the same level in a B-Tree b) A leaf node can contain more than m-1 keys c) All non-leaf nodes except the root have at least ⌠m/2˥ children d) A B-Tree of m-order has m-2 keys
Q.10.Searching an indexed and unsorted database containing n key values and searching an indexed and unsorted database will have running times of
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