MFSC - All in One Technology Services Questionnaire
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. We will use this information to prepare a customized proposal to meet your specific needs. Please keep in mind that as your needs change we can accommodate adjustments in the services we provide for you as needed.
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Please provide us with your contact information.
NAME AND ADDRESS - Please provide your name and address *
Please provide your name and complete mailing address for our records.
PHONE: Please provide the best phone number to reach you at *
CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS: Please provide your existing email address *
Account Choices
Your preferences for domain name, email services, and integrated virtual phone service.
DOMAIN NAME: Please enter at least three domain names to consider
We will research the availability of the your preferred domain names and upon your approval, register your selected domain name on your behalf. Enter each domain name (i.e. as a separate line in the space below.
BRANDED EMAIL: Please select your preference for email service *
We will provision and configure email services for you, according to your preferences. As part of our service we will also help setup and ensure that you have access to your email on your personal computers and/or mobile devices. Microsoft Exchange is more expensive but is a very good option for workgroups that need calendar sharing, etc). Our Web Mail option is one of the best web mail experiences in the industry and we highly recommend it.
BRANDED EMAIL: Email Account Names (i.e. Enter each account name on a separate line in the space below.
Enter the email account names you'd like created initially. We can always add additional accounts later - but if you know you need them now we can create them right away.
VIRTUAL PHONE SERVICE: Integrates with your website and email (we partner with - a leading cloud based phone service provider) *
Integrating our virtual phone service offering is a great way to handle your incoming calls and improve both your privacy and image. Includes 800 or local number, unlimited extensions, call routing, voice mails and faxes to your inbox. We navigate the technology for you, and you gain the benefits.
Website Design Input
Your preferences for website layout, design and aesthetic choices. Your answers will help guide us in developing a customized design unique to your needs. You will have the chance to approve and provide feedback before publishing.
WEBSITE LAYOUT ORIENTATION: Choose Horizontal or Vertical. *
Horizontal layouts have menu items running horizontally across the header. Vertical layouts have menu items running down a left hand side column. Horizontal is the most common choice.
COLOR PALETTES: Please indicate your preferences *
Please indicate which color families you favor being used in your website. We'll try to use your choices in our design proposal. Each choice represents a "family" of colors to help give us direction.
DESIGN AESTHETIC: Indicate the approach the design should take *
Reserved indicates that you would like a more conservative design that many would consider understated. Bold indicates that you would like a "louder" attention grabbing design. Please choose a value between 1 and 5.
Website Content
Your preferences for Pages and Sections, Copy, and Graphics. Please use the selections below to indicate how we will provide for the website content.
CONTENT PAGES & SECTIONS: Select the Items you would like to include *
Please select all items from the list below that you would like to include in the website. Copy will have to be developed or provided for each. We will include your selections in our design proposal. Please keep in mind that you can start small and add additional sections later.
ADDITIONAL CONTENT: Please provide any comments
Use this space to enter any additional content ideas or themes you would like to see in the website.
COPY: Please indicate how we may approach copy for your website *
Please indicate how we should approach providing for the copy (i.e. text) that should be used on your website pages. We can help with developing the copy if that is your desire, or we can simply use copy you provide. You will of course have the opportunity to review the content before publication.
GRAPHICS: Indicate your preferences for included graphics *
The right graphics can emotive appeal to your website. Please indicate the selections below you'd like to use for your website.
Final Comments
Please use the space below to provide any additional information you would like us to have.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Provide any additional information
Please enter any additional information you would like us to have regarding the website or services
Next Steps
We will use the information you have provided in this questionnaire to produce a customized proposal for your project. This proposal will include initial charges for provisioning your services and developing your site, as well as ongoing monthly costs for hosting your services and websites. Please allow us one to five business days to assess and review your information before providing your proposal.

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