SWOT User Survey 2.0
You may have been invited in the past for the initial SWOT User Survey that was used for scoping applications and science that could be addressed from SWOT. This survey is designed to help us quantify user requirements on the SWOT data distribution and archive system hosted by JPL through PO.DAAC in support of science and applications users. Although NASA makes a distinction between science users and application users, it is important to note that for this survey, we are interested in ALL USERS.

As such, ***it would be extremely useful if you would forward this survey to anyone that you know (graduate students, colleagues, etc.) who may be interested in using SWOT data so that we can appropriately design the system to accommodate SWOT user needs***. The more questions answered (i.e. not skipped), the better understanding we will have of user needs for the system.

This survey is a tool to understand which users can be served by what SWOT will provide as designed. SWOT and PO.DAAC do not commit to designing their data systems around any one specific use case.
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