Program for the International Brunch 2019
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM - Doors open for set-up

11:00 AM Start of the QSI Bratislava International Brunch 2019

11:15 AM Welcome from Daniel Blaho, Director

11:30 AM Flag Parade - children will walk around the tables holding their national flag

11:45 AM Performances begin

1:00 PM End of the QSI Bratislava International Brunch 2019

Ideas on how to represent your National Table
1. Decorating your table with pictures/information about your country (books, toys, PowerPoint presentation on a laptop about your country, etc.)

2. Wearing your traditional clothes

3. Making national dish that serves 10 people (please remember to provide utensils, napkins, plates and/or bowls)

Please remember, if you don't want to do it alone, you can ask any friends from your home country to do it with you :-). Your friends don't have to be a part of the QSI Family to participate.

Parent Involvement
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I would like to just donate food for my national table, but don't want to participate by hosting it.
Child Involvement
My child/children would like to hold our national flag during the Flag Parade.
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My child/children will perform cultural/national: dancing, singing , playing on music instrument...
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Contact Person
Mirka Blaho
0903 24 30 50
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