Risk Classification Survey
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our goal is to improve our understanding on how to interpret the criteria for risk classification under the EU AI Act. To do so, we have set up the open access Risk Classification Database. 

You can contribute to this open data based by submitting the description of your AI System via this form. Please do not include any personal data, confidential information or other information that shall not be published. 

Details about the Privacy Policy by appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbh can be found here: https://appliedaiinitiative.notion.site/Privacy-Policy-3246ebadd4294760a05084b392ad9721 

Thank you for your participation!
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Please enter the name/title of your AI System:
What is the (business) problem the AI systems is intended to adress?
What is the context, in which the AI System is being used? Who uses the System and who is affected?
What is the intended purpose of the AI System? How is it implemented?
In which risk class (under the EU AI Act) does your AI System fall?
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Which of the two Annexes of the AI Act applies to your AI System
If Annex III applies, which sub-section is applicable?
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If Annex III applies, please cite the exact wording of the respective sentence. 
If Annex II applies, under which existing EU Legislation does your AI System fall?
Do you agree, that appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbh may publish the description of your AI System in the public database? *
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