EEE and Y'ladim BaTeva
I'm working to figure out how best to deal with the EEE outbreak in terms of the children. It will be helpful to me to know what you are thinking and what you are willing or not willing to do, so please answer these questions to help me understand. Thanks! Rabbi Katy
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One option is to change the location for the fall to an area with a lower risk. How far are you willing to drive? Please check the towns below to which you would be willing to go to on a Sunday. These towns all currently are at a low risk. At present, I do not have a specific place in mind in these towns. *
If we follow this route, would you be willing to help find a location for us? (If you check yes, please include your name above.)
Another option is to cancel our September class and schedule an extra one later on in the fall when the mosquitoes will be less active or gone. Would this interest you? *
A third option would be to move the class totally indoors until the threat is past. Would this interest you? *
If we are to move the class indoors, it may be difficult to find a space for the morning hours and will also add to our costs. On the other hand, I would shorten the class time. Please check the options that would work for you. *
The last option is to go ahead as planned. Areas most risky are hardwood swamps, and there are none of these at Nobscot. Are you willing to spray your children's clothing and body and have them wear long sleeves and pants and go ahead as planned? *
Is the EEE situation impacting your desire to have your children enrolled in Y'ladim BaTeva? If so, please explain in the next question. *
Do you have any other suggestions, thoughts, or responses? Please share anything additional that I should know.
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