Readsy Deals Instagram Builder
Readsy Deals are going to start running these builders on a monthly basis from now on.
First one starting March 2021.
It's $5 to add yourself to the builder.
It will go with a giveaway that we will choose around the end of February before the promotion starts.
Graphics will be posted on the Readsy Deals Authors Facebook Group, so be sure to join. Link is below.

Reason you need followers on Instagram?

Instagram is a massive and growing social media platform full of book lovers. There are many book-focused Instagrams with tens of thousands of followers, whose moderators feature books in appealing images that are widely liked and often reposted. As of this publication, users have posted over 29 million pictures with the hashtag #bookstagram. For many authors, Instagram has become a strong platform to attract new readers, engage with existing fans, and promote your books. However, the image-based social media service remains confusing to others, and many authors don’t even have a profile.

To help demystify Instagram, we asked popular bookstagrammers and authors with large followings to share their tips for creating stronger profiles, taking better pictures, attracting new followers, and getting popular bookstagrammers to feature their books. These strategies can be used by anyone, from beginners to experienced Instagrammers, to help grow, develop, and improve their presence on the platform. We hope this guide will help authors and others in the literary world attract new readers and engage more with their fans on Instagram.

Carry on reading the post.

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