"VeriSafe Approved" Project Registration
Please Note: Cpollo has rebranded to VeriSafe.

VeriSafe will be the standard for scam prevention and investor protection in the blockchain industry. VeriSafe aims to provide quality projects to crypto communities. Any project can apply to be vetted and approved by VeriSafe in order to receive the "VeriSafe Approved" sticker and demonstrate to individuals that the project is transparent and held to a high standard compared to the thousands of crypto projects that exist today. Projects that are VeriSafe Approved will have complete access to the VeriSafe platform once operational as well as priority listings on exchanges that VeriSafe has partnered with, including IDAX, CoinBene, Bluetrade, Stex, p2pb2b, Bitker, and more in the future.

Projects that are “VeriSafe Approved” will be given a sticker to display on their website and whitepaper so that individuals who are interested in the project can see that it has been thoroughly vetted and approved by VeriSafe. In order to prevent an unapproved project from misusing the “VeriSafe Approved” sticker, each sticker will have its own serial number specific to the project. Individuals may go to Cpollo.info and use the “Approved Projects” tab to search for approved projects by name or serial number. All “VeriSafe Approved” projects will have an introductory profile with important and relevant information.
It is important to note that VeriSafe never recommends buying coins or tokens from a project. Labeling a project as “VeriSafe Approved” means that it has met all transparency requirements and is a quality project but does not mean there will be a return of investment. All decisions to buy a coin or token must be made by the individual and VeriSafe will never give financial advice.

Please fully answer all applicable questions in all sections. Please allow at least two weeks for processing. If there are any questions, contact the Lead Project Analyst at cody@cpollo.info

The VeriSafe Approved process is comprehensive and requires a significant amount of work. Furthermore, the KYC has fees associated with it. Therefore, VeriSafe will charge 0.10 BTC for each project to become VeriSafe Approved. The 0.10 BTC must be paid immediately when submitting the application. If the project does not pass the approval process, VeriSafe will return 0.10 BTC to the project. If the project passes the initial approval stage but does not pass the KYC stage, then only 0.05 btc is returned because VeriSafe uses a third party service provider which costs money. The completed KYC can further be used by the team member for other services and is valid for one year. If the project passes the first approval stage and the KYC stage, Cpollo retains the 0.1 btc. Please send the BTC to this address: 1279MS3ECHEYhHenTKsQmE8VXvowSTWxWL You will be asked for the transaction ID later in the form.

VeriSafe will provide 100,000 VSF tokens (or CPLO tokens if it is before the rebrand date) to individuals who successfully recommend a project to become VeriSafe Approved. The project must put the individual's telegram username or email in the correct question when the form is filled out. Individuals MUST NOT spam groups asking them to be VeriSafe approved. If a project complains to VeriSafe about an individuals spamming groups, the individual will be denied any future bounties. The bounty program does not apply to projects that have already applied.

WARNING: In Section 4 the following documents are required:
1. A PDF of all team pay wallets (with the position of each team member labeled) as well as all development or project wallets. Please label who has access to the funds in each wallet. Please label the file as follows: projectname_Wallets (If team pay is paid into a personal wallet that is used for other purposes then it is not necessary to provide. Instead, provide the amount and payment schedule.)
2. A PDF of a pie chart detailing how the total supply is allocated. Please label the file as follows: projectname_Supply

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