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If you are interested in hosting/producing a program, please complete the following form.

The Programming Committee will be notified and review your information once this form is completed. If it is approved, and all of your information is in order, you will be contacted with further information.

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Valley Free Radio is an entirely volunteer-run organization. In order to keep the station up and running, there is an expectation that all programmers contribute, under current policy, in one of two ways: Off-air service in an assigned position or (in lieu of that) registering as a pay-to-play program with a monthly charge of $30. *
If you choose to pay the monthly charge, you may signup for a recurring payment through our paypal system. If you choose this option, the fee is dropped to $20
Every programmer, co-host, and engineer, regardless of pay-to-play status, must pay a yearly membership fee of $30. *
A non-refundable training fee of $30 is expected and required when you arrive at your initial training. This will be counted as your membership fee for your first year.
Valley Free Radio is a Scent Free Zone. Please no fragrances (cologne, aftershave, scented deodorant, scented hair and skin products) and inform any guests you may have. Some at VFR have serious reactions to these products. Asthma, sinus disorders, or repeated infections can be triggered by the chemicals used in these products.
We all share the same air space at VFR.
Would you be able to make a commitment to your program for at least six months? *
Our listeners highly value stability in our schedule.
Do you have reliable transportation to our studio?
VFR is located at 140 Pine St in Florence, MA. Florence has limited public transportation, especially on weekends and late evenings. If you would like a show on VFR you will need to be in-studio on a regular basis.
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What does your show add to our lineup that other shows don’t already offer?  (To explore our shows, go to and click on the title of each show.) *
Please describe how it fits into the Valley Free Radio Mission Statement *
Valley Free Radio is a non-profit, community based and volunteer run radio station for the Greater Northampton area. We seek to educate, inspire, and entertain through programming that reflects the diversity of the local community. We seek to provide a space for media access and education, placing equipment, skills, and critical tools in the hands of the community. We aim to serve with particular regard for those overlooked or under-represented by other media and to provide for the exchange of cultural and intellectual ideas and music.
Please tell us why you would like to be a program host/producer *
Do you have any special skills to offer? *
ex: I have experience in computer networking or graphic design
Have you been active with Valley Free Radio before? *
If you have been active with us before, please provide details of this involvement.
ex: Helped with training new programmers in 2012
I understand that once my training is completed, the programming committee will recommend possible airtime slots. Based on available slots and content balance, the time you may be offered might allow live broadcast or might require you to prerecord your show to be loaded in automation. The Programming Committee is always willing to discuss time possible slots.
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