16th Annual LIU Post Band Festival at Tilles Center Student Nomination Form
If applicable, please include a copy of the NYSSMA sheet that corresponds to the quoted score below. If appropriate, please include a written recommendation for any/all students on a separate page (or in the body of an email). Please complete this form then click the Submit button at the end of the form.

Please send supporting documents/information via email to james.mcroy@liu.edu OR mail them to:
Dr. James McRoy
LIU Post Department of Music
720 Northern Blvd.
Brookville, NY 11548

Application Deadline: February 7, 2020

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NOTE: Please enter your students in priority order.

NOTE: If you would like to submit more than 10 students, please complete another form.
Student 1
First Name 1
Last Name 1
Instrument 1
School Grade 1
NYSSMA Solo Score 1
Student 2
First Name 2
Last Name 2
Instrument 2
School Grade 2
NYSSMA Solo Score 2
Student 3
First Name 3
Last Name 3
Instrument 3
School Grade 3
NYSSMA Solo Score 3
Student 4
First Name 4
Last Name 4
Instrument 4
School Grade 4
NYSSMA Solo Score 4
Student 5
First Name 5
Last Name 5
Instrument 5
School Grade 5
NYSSMA Solo Score 5
Student 6
First Name 6
Last Name 6
Instrument 6
School Grade 6
NYSSMA Solo Score 6
Student 7
First Name 7
Last Name 7
Instrument 7
School Grade 7
NYSSMA Solo Score 7
Student 8
First Name 8
Last Name 8
Instrument 8
School Grade 8
NYSSMA Solo Score 8
Student 9
First Name 9
Last Name 9
Instrument 9
School Grade 9
NYSSMA Solo Score 9
Student 10
First Name 10
Last Name 10
Instrument 10
School Grade 10
NYSSMA Solo Score 10
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