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Chief Operating Officer
FYI: We are replacing our current COO because she want to move on to a job that is more laid back and less fast paced, which is fine, so only apply if you enjoy the daily adventure that is Online Growth Systems. That is one thing we can promise you, that you will have new problems to solve every day and some challenges may require some "out-of-the-box creativity."We are not looking for an average candidate. We are looking for someone who will not only fit in our cuture of Growth, but promote it and bring new ideas to the table.We are looking for someone who is willing to learn, not only on the job, but someone who reads about business, self improvement, and bettering your life books outside of the workplace.This position will start out as 100% digital. You can work from home or your favorite coffee shop.We are a startup company. It is required that you bring the same enthusiasm to our projects as we do. You need to be interested in the startup community. No two days will be the same.You will be one of two executives. You will be managing our talented team and directing them on daily tasks, solving problems, and tackling new projects.We are a digital marketing company. The sceme of work involved ranges from designing mobile friendly websites to working with our video production team to create an innovative brand story video that we'll use on our client's Facebook advertising campaign.

Here are your responsibilities: 1. Your #1 priority is to free up as much of my time as you possible can! 2. Managing Team members 3. You will make sure that our team members are efficient and effective. You will be responsible for maintaining our payroll budget. You will also be responsible for employee integrity. If they are performing below our standards, you will work with them to either improve their performance or advise me if the team member can not improve their performance. 4. You will be communicating with both me and our clients for getting instructions, materials, pictures, tasks, etc. (For Example: we are designing a website for Client ABC. You will be getting all the website requirements needs/wants from both me and Client ABC via email and phone calls and you will delegate the tasks needed to complete this website from start to finish to the appropriate team members. You might assign some design work to our graphics designer, give the task of creating the website pages to our website designer, and tell our photographer to take some pictures of relevant products of Client ABC if there aren't any. Then you would email a link to Client ABC and get feedback for changes they want and delegate those revisions to team members.) 5. You will be making sure that our team members are happy to be a part of this team. If there are any concerns, you will address them. If they are within your power to fix, do so. If it exceeds your responsibilities, ask me for advisement. (If you are reading this, begin your answer to the last question on this application with the sentence: Together, we will build the next Apple.) 6. You will have fiscal power to solve problems in the future, but for the first month or so, I want you to run all finance and expenses past me first. 7. You will ensure that our company is heading in a direction that ensures growth. Financially, profitably, relationships, servicing our clients, and even social impact. We are building a company that will stick around even when digital trends come and go. 8. Above all, (even above Responsibility #1) you must focus on our clients ROI. 9. You may from time to time have some executive assistant tasks to do for me, like team member data collection, etc. (all of which would have to do with your existing responsibilities.) 10. You will be testing the performance of new hire team members. 11. You have the power to add lib. whenever you deem worthy. Sometimes my instructions will be vague, and you will have to fill in the logical gaps. 12. You will perform the hiring process for future job positions with me.

Website Designer
Looking for a website designer to add to our team. We work primarily with and Wordpress website builders. Code is not required, but is beneficial. This job will be mostly on a project to project basis, but you are required to work on the websites and make updates every single week. This is a long term commitment. We are a growing company and we have already gone through 2 other website designers because they could not deliver finished websites on time. You will need to work with other members of our team from around the world, and will also be regularly working with our clients on the phone and through email. You will remain on our team year round, but may have more projects to work on depending on our new clients/sales. Hours per website (project) can vary between 10-50 hours. The tasks will include: communicating with our clients what they want the website to look like and to do, communicating with our leadership team on how to execute tasks, building a website for our clients from scratch, making changes to the websites that clients want, and learning new things every day. MUST deliver tasks and websites ON TIME. We are strict but friendly. We don't allow missed deadlines. MUST have experience and skills with (website builder). MUST have experience with Wordpress. MUST speak fluent English. MUST have access to gmail. MUST have access to video chat platform. MUST be able to work with other team members, which include international employees. MUST have good communication with our Project Leader. MUST have good communication with our Content Designer (for website images etc.). MUST have references for website they have built from start to finish. MUST have examples of these website for us to look at. Future growth with this company is available. We will start with a small task to trial your work, then if we are a good fit, we will hire. If you are as good at working with people as you are building websites, it is possible you could be promoted with a pay raise. We are a young company, so you must enjoy working at a startup. (If you are reading this, begin your answer to the last question on this application with the sentence: Together, we will build the next Apple.) We are averaging one new hire per month. Looking for someone who is continuously learning new skills. We promote reading lots of books, watching lots of educational videos, and learning new skills in our company. Employees must read our monthly newsletters on their own time to be up to date with our educational material. (articles, videos, etc.) Educational material will be provided to employees for free as long as they work for us. We also build personal relationships with our team members, so you must be comfortable talking about your personal life at the end of emails and phone calls to build a positive company atmosphere. Thank you for applying for this position. I look forward to working with the best of you.
Video Editor and Animator
I am looking for someone (from now on called Editor) who has past experience using Videoscribe software (whiteboard animation) to animate my YouTube videos. The Editor must also be able to take my raw video file and shorten the length down to my requested time by cutting the unimportant content and keeping the best content. (For example: make a 14 minute video 10 minutes.) Editor must also be able to combine the edited video of myself and add it to the videoscribe animation as well as add my intro and out-tro. PROCESS: 1. I will upload an unedited video file of the camera facing me to Google Drive and I will share it with you. 2. You must download this video and edit the length to my requested length by quickly watching the video and cutting out the least valuable content. 3. You will need to make a mp3 copy of the edited video and upload it to Videoscribe. 4. You will then animate an entertaining video to match what I am saying in the mp3. (Match the content... make the animation explain visually what I am saying.) 5. Download the animated Videoscribe (file known as scribe) and upload the scribe to your video editor. 6. Add the edited video in the corner of of the scribe (where you did not do any animation) and add my intro and out-tro video files. (I will share these with you on Google Drive as well.) 7. Create a YouTube thumbnail using custom to the video and following my requirements. (Shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes.) 8. Upload the finished video to YouTube and add the description, tags, and thumbnail. 9. Edit the description (only 15% of description changes for each video) and make it relevant to the video. 10. Throughout this process, edit the materials to optimize YouTube SEO and direct traffic towards our targeted keywords to increase views, subscribers, and especially watchtime. 11. GET PAID! :) (If you are reading this, begin your answer to the last question on this application with the sentence: Together, we will build the next Apple.) Editor must make videos funny, educational, and entertaining. Editor must be skilled in video editing, smooth transitions within video, and expert at audio volume. Editor must be an expert in using Videoscribe (whiteboard animation), and provide links to URLs of past videos they have edited and animated. Editor must speak fluent English. Editor must be able to follow careful instructions. Editor must be able to match the formatting of my past videos. (See link to past videos here: ) Editor must be able to have the time to edit over 10 videos per week and occasionally more. You will be working with an entire team of digital employees from all over the world. We are part of a company that has a culture and a focus on #Growth. One of our company policies is that at the end of each email we say one thing about our personal life or family because we want to have a relationship with each other regardless of our global location differences. The other thing all employees put at the end of their email is one thing that they did that day to promote #Growth in their life. It can be with family, finances, skills, spiritual, health, business, etc. We have a company culture of #Growth and we are looking for another team member who shares our values. Employee will occasionally be on the phone with other employees and with clients that hire us so you must speak perfect English. Thank you! I look forward to working with you!
Director of Advertising
We are a fast growing marketing firm in need of an EXPERIENCED social media and search engine advertising director. This position will involve the strategic planning, creation of audiences, creation of target customer and market lists, optimizing keyword lists, uploading of media content including images and videos, working with our clients to create the best ad, creating giveaways, offers, and discounts for promotions to go along with ads, advertising analytics, etc. As the Director of Advertising for our company, since we are a startup, you will at first be doing every aspect of the advertising process. After our company hires new team members to your department, the best performer and most fit for leadership will assume the title of Director over the department. (If you are reading this, begin your answer to the last question on this application with the sentence: Together, we will build the next Apple.)We work with clients on budgets, so you must maintain costs within a certain amount each month or year. Platforms that we will be advertising on include: Facebook, Google Retargeting, Google Adwords, Google PPC, YouTube, Instagram, and possibly more in the future. You MUST be able to work with a team and learn how to use our software, Basecamp. You MUST have access daily to your email, as we will assign you tasks almost daily. You must speak perfect english, and write as well, as you will be working with clients to create campaigns.
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