Science (NGSS) Adoption Committee Application
Thank you for showing interest and engagement in identifying Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned instructional materials for our district's students. We are very excited to engage in this process and hope to adopt and implement new instructional materials for science for the 2020-2021 school year.

Teachers who are selected and participate on the adoption team will receive compensation at the per session rate for work completed after school or during the summer and will be provided substitutes where appropriate.

The following questions reflect language in Board Policy regarding identifying teachers to participate in the instructional materials adoption process. All responses will be screened by a committee composed of science teacher leaders (mentors) anonymously:

[The Superintendent or designee shall establish instructional material evaluation committees. These committees shall include teachers, administrators and other staff who have subject-matter expertise, as well as students, parents/guardians and/or community members broadly representative of the district's ethnic and socioeconomic composition. Staff members who participate in selecting and/or evaluating instructional materials shall be those most competent for the task because of their professional training, experience and assignments. The majority of each evaluation committee's members shall be teachers.]

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Describe your experience, values and expertise in teaching special populations of students (i.e. students with disabilities, English learners, GATE, high achieving, under performing students, etc.) *
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Your Availability for Specific Adoption Events:
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Specific timing needs to be flexible, but estimates have been written in parenthesis. Recall the goal of the adoption committee/team is to identify (2) instructional materials to pilot in the 2019-2020 school year. Please select all that you are willing to support us in (again, committee work will either be compensated at the per session rate or a substitute will be provided).
Summer 2019 Availability
The paper screen and instructional materials training for piloting teachers will be held in the summer before the start of school. Please indicate if you have availability these weeks if you are participating in the paper screen AND/OR a pilot of materials. Please note that you are indicating your availability - actual commitments will vary within your availability. All adoption activities are compensated at the per session rate.
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