Information for Remote Learning (Parent Survey)
This confidential survey is for staff to thoughtfully plan for school closures due to COVID-19.

Our district is calmly planning for continuous learning for all students following guidelines set forth by KSDE. We want to ensure that we are equipped to transition to a continuous learning environment, and are responsive to the needs of all families. Thank you in advance for completing this survey!
Student Name(s), School, Grade *
Please enter the names of all your children who are currently attending our schools. Please indicate the school they attend ie: (AES, HES, CHS). The information in this survey will not be shared publicly.
Does your child have access to a device at home that is capable of supporting online platforms like Google Classroom, Zoom, video player, etc. ? *
Does your child share that device with other family members? *
How would you describe your internet access at home? *
Do you have access to a printer? *
Parent/caregiver involvement
During school closure, who will be supervising your child/(ren)? *
How does the person supervising your child feel about assisting with school work during school hours? *
Severely lacking confidence and/or time
Very confident and plenty of time
How does the main caregiver feel about assisting with technology? *
Very uncertain
Very confident
What method of communication works best for your family? *
What time of day will your student be able to work on devices and have internet available? *
Educational resources
Which of the following resources would you have access to at home? *
If the school was to provide learning packs (e.g. books/worksheets), how easy would it be for someone to collect these from the school each week? *
What would be your preference for your student's learning? *
What suggestions do you have for us to consider during online/continuous education?
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