CPCR reviewers form
This form should be filled out by researchers and clinicians who are interested in becoming a reviewer of CPCR. It is strongly advised that reviewers have a ORCID number (https://orcid.org/), a Publons profile (https://publons.com/) and meet at least two of the following criteria:

- To be a physiotherapist or researcher/clinician from other backgrounds, but working on topics related to cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, physiotherapy in critical care and/or cardiopulmonary rehabilitation;
- To hold a PhD degree or to be a PhD candidate (i.e., those enrolled in a PhD programme);
- To have worked as a reviewer for other international journals.

All communication between editors and reviewers/authors will be done in English. Therefore, reviewers are further required to have a good English level.

We thank you for trusting CPCR!

CPCR Editors-in-chief
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In case you have a Publons profile, please provide your Web of Science ResearcherID (you can find it after searching for your name on Publons or via Web of Science website)
Please provide the name of the main international journals you have reviewed for in the last 2 years
If you feel comfortable, please provide the name of colleagues that meet the above-mentioned criteria and could be interested in reviewing for CPCR. Please, send us their email addresses (if available) and/or share this link with them
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