GREENTOP Municipality Questionnaire
GREENTOP is a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument funded project aiming to assess the technical and practical feasibility of creating a near-real time land-use map, starting from Copernicus Data. More details on
The project's ambition is to create a open repository of processed satellite data reflecting land-use (classes of land usage - e.g. Arable Land, Permanent Crops, Pastures, Water, Wetlands, Roads, Forests, Orchards, Green Urban Areas, Continuous/Discontinuous dense/Discontinuous medium density/discontinuous low density/discontinuous very low density Urban Fabric, Isolated Structures, Mineral Extraction and dump sites, Land without use, Herbaceous vegetation associations, Open spaces with little or no vegetation, Complex and mixed cultivation patterns). Data is to be processed through crowd-computing, by using unused processing power (e.g. institution or corporate servers outside business hours, personal computers through browser plugins and small IoT devices). Data would be accessible for free viewing and download, while a business model includes payed web-service access. More details are available on
Does your city use Satellite information in its current activities? *
What sources of data for land-usage does your city currently use? *
Would your municipality be interested in participating as pilot or partner in a project aiming to provide near-real time identification of land-use based on satellite information? *
Is your city currently involved in or coordinating crowd-sourcing (contributions from Internet users) activities ?
Would a participatory approach, for example sharing unused computing power (e.g. outside office hours) for processing some satellite data and in return you having full access to all land-use data, be acceptable for your institution?
If you consider processed land-use data would be useful but participating as project partner / barter is not a valid option, what would you consider a fair and affordable price for up-to date landuse data (web-service) for your area of interest?
What is your country?
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What is your city name?
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What is the estimate number of inhabitants of your city?
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Are you interested in further discussions with the GREENTOP team for a potential follow-up project? If yes, please provide your contact details. Thank you
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Please provide any additional feedback.
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