Barrington SEAC
Interest Survey for Families, Spring 2018: SEAC is a Local Education Committee mandated by the state and run by parent volunteers. We are committed to serving Barrington families with children who receive educational services through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). For our meetings, we aim to schedule discussions and presentations that will be of interest to families; by responding to this survey, you will help us make sure that we are attending to the issues of greatest concern in our community. We meet monthly during the school year, and we welcome the involvement of new members.
Which school does your child with an IEP attend? (as of Fall, 2018; please check all that apply, for multiple children)
Are you able to attend SEAC meetings as often as you would like to?
If you answered "No" to question 2, please let us know how we might make the meetings more accessible or relevant for you.
Please use this section to specify changes to time, location, or topics, that would make SEAC more helpful to you
Your answer
SEAC can arrange for programming and workshops for families to learn more about topics related to special education and raising a child with special needs. Please check which of the following would be of interest to you:
How could your child’s needs be better served by his/her community and school experience?
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How could your needs as the parent/guardian of a child with special needs be better served?
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Please add any other comments or questions that may help us understand and serve your needs and interests better.
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