Youth Branch Travel Grant Application
Please answer the following questions to apply for our travel grant.

Full details:
a. We will be accepting applications until 27/07/2019 inclusive, as per your local time zone as stated in your address.
b. Applicants can apply for any amount, up to a maximum of £100.
c. The grant must be used to travel to a specific Scottish country dance event. This includes both RSCDS and non-RSCDS events.
d. Applicants must be Youth Branch members to apply and we must have received their subscription payment for the current year. You can join here:

2. Awarding of grant
a. We will distribute our £100 grant between applicants as we feel is appropriate given the information provided in the application. This may mean that applicants do not receive the exact amount that they applied for.
b. We will contact applicants by 10/08/2019 as to whether they have been successful or not.
c. A travel receipt is required before the transfer of money is made. Please notify us if this will be a problem.
d. The grant will be awarded in the currency required by the applicant using TransferWise, with the fees being paid by us.

3. Confidentiality
a. The information provided within applications will be distributed amongst the RSCDS Youth Branch committee only, via Google Forms.

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