Sunshine 24退款手續Refund Procedures

For the Octopus refund process, we need you to provide the following information in order to arrange a refund as soon as possible.
The information is used only for verification of relevant transactions with the Octopus Company and for the automatic transfer of refunds by the Bank.
** After collecting all the information, it will take about three weeks to complete the refund procedure. We are apologize for any inconvenience caused.

收款人英文姓名 English Name *
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聯絡電話 Tel *
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惠顧店鋪 Shop Name *
機械編號/單號 Machine No./Receipt no. *
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交易日期 Transaction Day *
交易時間 Transaction Time *
退款金額 Refund amount *
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八達通號碼 Octopus Card No. *
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退款原因(Reason of refund) *
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