Digital Media and Your Brain - Lesson Quiz
List the names of everyone in your group below: *
1. Give an example of an app, website, or game that uses addictive design. Describe two features of addictive design that it uses. *
1 point
2. Read each app feature. Mark whether you think the feature is an example of humane or addictive design. *
7 points
Humane design
Addictive design
Rewards increase as you play more
Periodic alerts ask if you want to quit
Suggested options for offline activities
Penalties for leaving the app
Autoplay and countdown features
Settings to keep track of usage time
Settings to control the amount of notifications
3. Lin wants to play an online game with her friends. She read the description of the game and knows it contains several features with addictive design, including rewards for completing levels and long game times with penalties for quitting early. She likes the game but doesn't want to get sucked in and skip her homework (which has happened before)! Name two guidelines Lin should set for herself before playing the game. *
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