SVS Directors Application Form 2017
For 2017 SVS has 3 open Director seats.

~ The Directors application period is from 2/8 - 2/20
~ Voting will occur 2/27 - 3/13
~ The new Directors announced 3/13 starting their first term as of 3/21!

The following information will be used to create the Director profile pages on the SVS web site for the voting members to review. Also, please send a picture of yourself for us to post on the SVS website for voting to

If you have any questions, please email

Are you currently an SVS member? *
You must be a member to apply as a director. If you are unsure or know for sure you are not currently a member, please complete the membership form first then the Directors application. ____ACCESS MEMBERSHIP FORM HERE===>
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Do you see yourself running for an officer's seat? *
Officers are selected annually.
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Why a committee?
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List any skills that you think you would bring to the board. You can interpret this very broadly. Here are some examples: past board experience, accounting, managing performers, developing processes, dealing with local government, fundraising, strategic planning, organizing events, self-employment, internet communications, information technology experience, public speaking, writing/journalism, making art, instilling passion in other people, building stuff, burning stuff down, blowing stuff up.
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