Chandler PTA Board Interest Form
Chandler Elementary School
2021-2022 PTA Board Interest Form

The Chandler PTA needs YOU! The PTA Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for the 2021-2022 school year. All Officer positions are considered OPEN until voted on at our PTA General Meeting Elections.

The Nominating Committee will only be slating the Executive Board. Nominations for the Standing Committee Chairs will be taken, but are appointed and approved by the newly elected officers. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, March 26, 2021. If you need additional information, please contact

PLEASE NOTE: A nomination does not guarantee the position. Each candidate will be carefully considered by the Nominating Committee for the office they are being nominated for.

All positions are open for nominations. The following positions on the Executive Board will be slated:
1st VP Aide to the President
2nd VP Programs
3rd VP Membership
4th VP Ways and Means
5th VP Volunteers
Parliamentarian (appointed position)

You can find a description of each position here:
(job descriptions start at the bottom of page 4)

Thank you for donating your time and supporting PTA.
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Officer Positions
President: Oversees and provides guidance for PTA board members and activities, conducts PTA meetings and leads the school PTA toward specific goals. Collaborates with Treasurer and Budget Committee to create annual PTA budget.

1st Vice-President - Aide to President: Will run website, all social media platforms and will execute Teachers Grants

2nd Vice-President – Programs: Work closely with the school to bring educational programs into school, coordinate with the music teacher to assist with grade performances, and any other programs that fit with the schools plans.

3rd Vice-President – Membership: Solicit PTA membership throughout the school year, maintain a database of all PTA members and make sure the national/state PTA membership fees are paid. Coordinate the Life Time Membership award.

4th Vice-President – Ways and Means: Responsible for coordinating all PTA fundraising activities.

5th Vice-President – Reaches out to all parents at the beginning of the school year to form a database of volunteers from which to work from throughout the year. Recruits volunteers when needed for other various school events.

Secretary: Record the minutes at PTA meetings, conduct and maintain copies of all organization correspondence and attendance at meetings.

Treasurer: Custodian of all PTA funds, maintains accounting books for the PTA, and present a financial statement at PTA meetings.

Parliamentarian (appointed position): Attends all meetings and gives advice on parliamentary procedure as needed, according to Robert’s Rules, the by-laws and standing rules.
Please select the Officer position(s) below in which you are interested in. (Elected Positions)
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Standing Committees
Arts in Education Chair: Promote and encourage students to pursue their artistic expressions by participating in the PTA’s annual Reflections program, forward all entries to the Allen ISD Council of PTAs for judging – a position under the Programs VP

Council Delegate/Citizenship: Attend all Council PTA monthly meetings and report back to the Chandler PTA Board. You will need to attend council luncheons (usually every other month), take notes, and attend all Chandler PTA Board meetings. Recognize, honor and publicize citizenship award recipients

Environmental Chair: Responsible for the promotion and encouragement of recycling and environmental awareness at school. Promote/organize Walk to School Day, Reuse-A-Shoe Contest, and the Reuse–a-Book day. Apply for Environmental grant from the City of Allen.

Hospitality Chair: Coordinate staff appreciation luncheons, help celebrate staff special events, arrange activities during Teacher Appreciation Week, and provide other tokens of teacher appreciation throughout the year.

Student Activities– Will work with each grade department head to see what programs to bring into the school, will also work with the school counselor for red ribbon week program.

Room Parent Coordinator– Will work with the Volunteer coordinator in collecting room parents for each teacher, hold a meeting to explain duties and expectation and then maintain communication throughout the year to check up on the room parents.

Dads Association Coordinator: develop programs and projects to increase the involvement of dads at Chandler, promote dads to volunteer at school and work with the Counselor to host the WATCH Dogs kick off party.

Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator: work with the PE department on needs, help promote the Rudolph Run, distribute information for Eagle/Rudolph Runs, attend monthly Fun Run meetings, and weekly Fun Run meetings the month prior to the run

SAGE Coordinator- (Special and Gifted Education) will work with the counselor regarding the "Celebrate Me" week, work with school to help implement any initiatives.
Please select the Chair position(s) below in which you are interested in. (Appointed Positions)
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