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How did you hear about XeroHome?
Which of the following actions did you complete on XeroHome?
I did not understand or find it
I did not do it
I did it
I enjoyed doing it!
I reviewed my home's 'Customized Energy Plan'
I explored various upgrades on my home's energy plan
I improved recommendations by answering the Questionnaire
I answered all questions to get a GREEN badge
I used the "Final a local contractor" option
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On a scale of 1 to 5, how easy was it for you to ...
1 Not very easy
5 Very easy
Find your home on XeroHome
Create a XeroHome Account
Claim you home on XeroHome
Interpret your home's customized energy plan
Edit facts about your home (EDIT HOME FACTS)
Answer questions about your home (IMPROVE RECOMMENDATIONS)
Plan your upgrades (PLAN A PROJECT)
Find and receive HELP
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On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you agree with the following statements:
1 Strongly disagree
5 Strongly agree
"My energy plan helped me identify new energy upgrades and investments in my home."
"My answers to the IMPROVE RECOMMENDATIONS questionnaire helped to personalize my energy plan"
"XeroHome provided me enough information to carry out an energy upgrade in my home"
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If you pursued installing an energy upgrade in your home, what is the status of the project?
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How satisfied are you with XeroHome overall?
Highly dissatisfied
Highly satisfied
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How likely are you to recommend XeroHome to others?
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Very likely
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