We are going to create our first startup, and our main idea is a SaaS platform linked with the pm2 process manager (which we are the author).

Pitch :
Currently a lot of services are available to monitor what's happening on backends.
As you can see there are too much specific services doing only one thing, their integration are not so easy and using all of them bring costs high.

Along with using pm2 as your NodeJS process manager, you will soon have access to a web application giving you full supervision on your NodeJS apps on each and every aspect.

The main features will include:
- Server monitoring, per process monitoring
- Exceptions alerts and reports
- Ability to see error and output logs in realtime
- Route status and performance monitoring
- In-code notifications/events
- Dashboard for tablets and roof tv

The subscription price will be lower than specific solutions.


Before developing the product we would like to have some of your feedbacks about pm2 and your thoughts about this service.

Thanks for your help.

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