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Global Impact Jam are one step towards a more sustainable future. With this open innovation workshop we will address some of UN´s Global goals. With Nira Dynamics as a partner and owner of the challenge we will work on issues such as inequality, gender equality and climate change. If you think this is important questions and are ready to contribute to some awesome innovative solutions, you should sign up here!
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To be able to put together the ultimate team we would like to know a little bit more about you and your skills. What is your area of expertise?
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We got limited spots for participants at Global Impact Jam. We will put together a group of 20 people who will work together with the challange from Nira and reach new innovative solutions. In this case Nira have chosen to focus on inequality recruitment, diversity and climate change. Please tell us a little bit about why you think this is important.
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Du you have any questions? Contact Ida Thidblom at
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