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Discord is the application we use for all communications within the group and a crucial element to being a part of the clan. This is how we communicate everything from daily activities, major events and general socializing. Lengthy absences from our Discord server will result in a removal from the group. Do you have any issues with being active on our Discord server? *
Not being active on the DestinyRaiders Discord Server will result in termination of your clan membership. "Active" means being engaged in conversations on a weekly basis at the very least. Do you understand? *
Our Discord can be quite a lively place, how would you interact with a large group
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Thank you for being interested in joining the DestinyRaiders. We look at this clan as our extended family and therefore we take this recruiting process very seriously. Please take a moment to review your answers for accuracy. Also make sure your contact information is correct. Once we review your application we will be contacting you. *
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