OvenMaster fire-building Training
The previously-scheduled July 26 date has been CANCELLED, due to damp weather and the Oven not being dry enough yet to bring to full baking temp.

The debut training will be taught by Erik Knutzen and Joanne Poyourow.
[date t.b.d.] , 3pm start; training runs till fire is out and site is clean, approx 7:30pm.

Learn about fire-building, fire safety, fire quenching, how to reach optimal baking temperature, what is "good wood", use of oven tools, crowd management and crowd safety, site preferences, and procedures of the Westchester Community Oven. Read more about the OvenMaster Training at http://tinyurl.com/aboutOvenMasterTraining

(Please note: This is a FIRE class. Please see Los Angeles Bread Bakers Meetup if you're looking for baking, dough or cooking classes. http://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Bread-Bakers/ )

Each group that uses the Westchester Commmunity Oven will be required to have a Certified OvenMaster present. Completion of this full training (from start to cleanup, no tardies, no early departures) is how you become a Certified OvenMaster. Graduates of this training will be asked to volunteer as various community groups have need of your support. This one-afternoon training will be offered several times throughout the year.

Participation is free to those who plan to volunteer. We ask for a $25 donation if you do not plan to volunteer.

About the Westchester Community Oven: http://envirochangemakers.org/projects/westchester-community-oven/
[reference this registration form as http://tinyurl.com/ovenmastertraining ]
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