Spicy Event—Designer Interest Application
Spicy is an exclusive, invitation-only event focused on adult furniture in Second Life, presented by Secret Sauce Productions. 28 designers (8 sponsors, 20 regular booths) will present a selection of SL’s best sex-related furnishings and creations, including RLV-compatible products of all kinds.

Spicy is open to designers by invitation, hand-picked by the event team. Unlike SL’s other adult-themed events, Spicy will NOT be open to designers of fashion, tattoos, skins, eyes, or other items. It is a showcase of the most titillating, enticing designs of furniture and decor.

First and foremost, Spicy will capitalize on the success of our team’s previous experience. Secret Sauce Productions team members have been involved in events including Boardwalk, We Love Roleplay, the Pale Girl Productions events, and others. The extensive contacts and connections built through these events opens the door to wider promotion than most new events have access to.

We plan and expect to develop media partnerships with Seraphim, SL Syndicate, Love to Decorate, Grid Affairs, SocialVR, and the 'Stuff groups. We hope to actively cross-promote with other events, and plan to advertise aggressively via Seraphim, Facebook, Flickr, Second Life-related magazines, and other media outlets.

We will also make use of a strong team of bloggers, selected and managed by LauraGenia Viper. This team will do a magnificent job of providing ongoing promotion and presentation of exclusive items for our event designers.

We will also expect our designers to participate actively in promoting the event and their products through their in-world stores and store groups/subscribers, in-world groups they are members of, Flickr, Facebook, and other social media venues.

Presented in a custom venue that has echoes of bordello/boudoir styles, each booth will be spacious enough to afford a generous display of the products offered. Regular booths will stand at 6x8 meters, while sponsor booths will be 10x12 meters. A demo area (styled like a large warehouse) will be provided for oversized items, expanded displays, and other items that cannot fit into booths.

Booths are assigned in order of registration.

Any of the following are allowed as exclusive items for sale in the Spicy event: all furniture, gadgets, sex toys/HUDs. These MUST be adult in nature; PG-only furniture will not ordinarily be accepted.

NOT allowed as event exclusives are: clothing, jewelry, hair, makeup, skins, shapes, tattoos, mesh body parts, and anything otherwise categorized as "fashion" or "avatar accessories."

While 100% original mesh is preferred, designers who build using templated/pre-fabricated mesh ARE allowed. Original mesh designers and items will be designated by an easily recognizable banner displayed atop their booth; however, pre-fab mesh designers will be given equal treatment otherwise and allowed equal booth locations as their original mesh counterparts.

The event is hosted by the Secret Sauce Shopping District, in a custom-made venue that oozes sexiness and allure. Imagine a New Orleans style bordello on the outside, with Moulin Rouge swanky decor inside, and you will envision what we have in store!

Sponsorship is available for L$5000/round. Sponsors will be allowed 150 prims for their booths/displays.

Regular designers (non-sponsors) will pay L$3000/round, and allowed 100 prims for their booths/displays.

~ No copyright violations (duh)—violation will mean ejection from group/all future rounds and reporting to the dreaded Lindens.
~ No drama! It won't be tolerated from event participants.
~ All participating designers must join the in-world designer’s group.
~ All participating designers must rez joiner/info kiosk thingy in their in-world store.
~ ALL participants must be set up by deadline; if you miss this deadline you will forfeit participation in all media coverage, and your booth will immediately be offered to the waiting list. Exceptions are made for RL emergencies and illness.
~ Exclusive items may NOT be sold elsewhere during the duration of the event round (violation will mean ejection from the group and future rounds). After the round is over, you are free to sell them wherever you wish.
~ Exclusive items may NOT be simply re-textured versions of previously released items. Any item presented as “exclusive” that includes previously-released material is subject to approval by our QA/Rules Compliance Officer.
~ Items declared to be “original mesh” shall be inspected to verify this claim. Because non-original mesh is allowed in the event, false claims of “original mesh” may result in ejection from the current round and potentially future rounds. (In other words: just be honest with us about whether or not it is original.)
~ There is a minimum of 1 exclusive item required. You may also display as many previously released items as your prim allowance can sustain.
~ Scripted items allowed (besides products) include: vendors, landmark givers, group joiners, subscribe-o-matics, gacha machines.
~ Scripted items NOT allowed include: greeters, local chat callers/shouters, redelivery terminals, hover text. (Our QA/Rules Compliance Officer has the right to determine that any scripted item not specifically listed as “allowed” above is in violation, and may return said item.)
~ All items must be rezzed within your booth unless explicit permission for exceptions to this has been granted.
~ Gachas are allowed only if they include exclusive items.
~ Designers must distribute exclusive item(s) to bloggers via the event blogger room by the first media day of the event.
~ Vendor poster images must be sent to the event team before media previews and posted to Flickr group by opening day.
~ No refunds for event fees will be given.

The idea of an "exclusive" in SL events is fairly well-established: an exclusive is an item that has never been released before in SL, in-world or on the Marketplace. This means that something previously released that is re-textured or simply re-configured in some way is ordinarily out of bounds.

If this is your first event, or if you are in ANY way confused about whether an item may or may not qualify as an "exclusive," then PLEASE feel free to reach out to Angie or one of the staff.

Applicants will be evaluated based on existing items available from in-world stores and/or the Marketplace. (You may be asked to provide one or more examples of your work if it is not available to evaluate in-world.) In evaluation, we are looking for the following:
~ Quality of mesh build, texturing, animations, etc.
~ Attention to detail (e.g., in setup of animations, care taken in aligning items, etc.)
~ Uniqueness and originality of concepts
~ Good and efficient use of scripting

We will also evaluate applicants based on the presentation of their store(s), efforts for self-promotion, reputation in SL, and other factors.

We welcome applicants who are newer builders and/or lesser-known brands that demonstrate high-quality builds. However, some preference may be given to well-established brands and names.

Some applicants may be placed on a “Waiting List.” This provides them with the following benefits:
~ In a situation where another designer should drop out, they may be offered an opportunity to join the upcoming round
~ Should a designer fail to meet setup deadlines, waiting list designers will be offered the available space
~ In future rounds, waiting list designers will get priority over new applicants in consideration

Accepted and waiting-list designers do not need to complete the full application for future rounds. Payment for future rounds will open on the same day as applications, and existing members of the designers' group may register by paying for the next round. However, those who miss more than one round consecutively will be ejected from the designer's group and must re-apply for re-acceptance after that.

Completion of the application should NOT be assumed to guarantee acceptance into the event.
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