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Hello hello!!! Yes! It's that time of year again for Texas Furry Fiesta to accept DJ demos! Do you think you have what it takes to drop the jam on our stage? Let's hear it!

What are we looking for? Well, everything! Experience is great, but definitely not a requirement. We want to hear it all! Historically big names end up in top time slots but not always. Sometimes we hear a mix that stands out above the rest from new faces!

Now for some basics,
Demos to be considered should be between 30-60 minutes long and display what you'd like to play at TFF. We accept, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, and Dropbox submissions and are listening for a good flow, how smooth are your transitions and overall looking for what will make each night come alive and stand out.

Each year we get alot of demos. And sadly we can't book everyone. Its always a tough choice. There is so much talent in this fandom and it's amazing. A new thing this year will be, once the lineup has been assembled, a telegram chat group will be created to help keep communication easy and quick for times and updates. You will find a section in the form for that.

Another thing I want to mention is we changed some things around this year. Most important rule being you MUST make sound check that happens before the dances. This means if you don't make it, or give us heads up, you will forfeit your slot to a DJ on the standby list.

If you are selected, confirmations will go out between 6-8 weeks prior to the convention, about two months. so keep your ears open. Chosen DJs will also be comped to Attending reg level this year.

Will all that said, why are y'all still reading? Fill out this form already and send us some mixes!

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Telegram handle or best way to contact you. (example @tripplesixwolf) A notification and chat group will be created to streamline show updates, sounds check etc. *
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what days are you available or would like to play? *
We only have so many slots for main stage. If not selected, would you be interested in your demo being forwarded to the Party Floor lead? *
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