Caddy Stickers Order Form
Minimum order is $5 USD - that covers printing, envelopes, addressing, and mailing, with a little margin to support the Caddy project. Pricing is the same internationally. Unless I need to order more stickers, I can mail yours by next business day.

- 2 stickers (minimum order): great for getting yourself a sticker, plus one to give away
- 10 stickers: great for sharing with coworkers, associates, and other web developers
- 100 stickers: the perfect option for events/companies to distribute while supporting Caddy

Thanks for supporting the Caddy community!

After ordering, make payment at and I will mail your stickers after payment is received!

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Sticker diameter is 2" (~5cm)
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Suppose, hypothetically, we made more (high-quality, good-looking) stuff in the future. What would your favorites be?
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