AAUW Speech Trek 2021
Competition Date: Saturday, March 6, 2021 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Location: This will be a virtual event held on Zoom.

Contest Theme: Women’s Progress in Equity
Contestants are asked to prepare an expository speech addressing ONE of the following:

1. Discuss a historic or current woman who has excelled in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field.
2. Discuss a historic or current woman who has been an effective leader for equity and social justice.
3. Discuss a historic or current woman who has been an effective leader in government.

We strongly encourage you to consider a woman of color, a woman who is LGBTQIA+, a woman with a disability, or a Native American woman for your speech. Questions you may consider when planning your speech are shown in speech guidance on page 3.

Register: at salem-or.aauw.net or email the registration forms to dr.dellostritto@gmail.com
or mail to: AAUW of Salem
PO Box 2144
Salem, OR 97308

Please complete the registration no later than 11:59 pm February 13, 2021

Eligibility: Speech Trek is open to high school girls in 10th and 11th grades in the Cascade, Central, Dallas, Falls City, Gervais, North Santiam, Perrydale, Salem-Keizer, and Silver Falls Oregon school districts. Students in online academies and home-schooled students are welcome.

Time Limits: Students are to prepare an original 6 minute speech, with a 30 second grace period on either side. Speaking under the 5:30 or over 6:30 will result in disqualification.

Presentation: These presentations are to be original speeches. Appropriate use of one 4”x 6" note card is an option -- prompting is not allowed.

Participant limits: Speech Trek is limited to 20 participants chosen on a first come-first served basis. Two rounds will be held at the same time. If you do not advance to the final round, you are free to leave. There will be a final round where the winners will be chosen.

Judging: During both rounds of competition, judges shall use the official ballot and score each speaker in each of the four areas: Content (0-40 points), Organization (0-10 points); and Delivery (0-50 points). The official ballot is included on our website (salem-or.aauw.net).

Finalists: First place winner will receive $500, second place $300, and third place $200.

Speech guidance: You may choose to address one or more of these questions in your speech:

What is their educational background?
What challenges did they face?
What leadership skills do/did they demonstrate?
In what area(s) of equity or social justice did this person excel?
How has their work changed opportunities for young women today?
What barriers did they have to overcome?
What tactics did they use to overcome obstacles?
How did they succeed despite these barriers?
What legal or cultural obstacles made leadership difficult?
How have others built upon the foundation they established?

Questions: Contact Mary Ellen Dello Stritto via email at dr.dellostritto@gmail.com.

Sponsored by the American Association of University of Women, Salem Branch (salem-or.aauw.net).
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