La rose du rang - Custom doll
This form is used to prepare custom orders of a miniature crochet doll. This doll will be presented in a post on under "creative process" of the Our crochet Universe series. If you would like to do a mini interview about your business, please leave me a note in the comments below!

Details of the project
- Karine/La rose du rang will crochet a mini doll in your image and pictures of the process might be used in a blog post on that will focus on La rose du rang's creative process.

- We will let you know in advanced when the blog post will be published.

Price and terms

- The price for one custom mini doll is 50$ plus shipping (20$ in Canada) and are to be paid in advanced once the details of the project have been discussed.

- The price is subject to change, for exemple if you order several dolls at once (for a group or familly for exemple). This will be discussed with you as we finalise the doll order.

- The base model of the mini custom doll is the Little menagerie doll (see: pattern:

- Clothes may or may not be removable, depending on the details of the customization.

- You agree to share the blog post from on your social media (Facebook, Instagram) with #ourcrochetuniverse #notreuniversaucrochet #universcrochet #larosedurang and a tag to @larosedurang. It helps a lot give my tiny business some visibility! :)

*If you prefer that no actual pictures of you are shared in La rose du rang's posts, we will respect your preferences and only share pictures of the doll for the creative process posts.
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How would your ideal mini doll look? (Let me know your color prefences, style of dress, general feel of the doll you would like. If you'd like for the doll to have wire glasses or embroidered glasses, a particular costume, etc. Any and all reference pictures you would like me to take into account when crafting the doll can be sent through email, but I will need at least one picture of you for the project. You can also decide to change your hair color and things like that!
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