Ansteorra Laurel's Prize Tourney 2019
Event Timing: September 14th 2019
Event Address: Victoria Educational Gardens Pavilion
283 Bachelor Dri., Victoria, Texas 77904
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Definition of entry types available to register
Static item (one or more single item(s) most everyone will be selecting this type of entry)
Research paper (research paper if you wish to send in a paper in advance for feedback, see below for instructions)
Performance (live performances)
Supported research (primarily research, but in addition to the paper, there is a static display element that will be factored with the research, please see below to send in research paper for advance feedback)

NOTE These are just general broad categories and feedback for different elements may come from different Laurels.
Type of entry(ies) you wish to register. *
Please let us know what broad types of categories you plan to display. Please consider sending any research or supported research documents to us two weeks in advance so we may share them with folks who would want to discuss the research.
Complete the following sections as needed for the different types of entries you selected above.
Everyone should fill out the static display needs section. Those who also wish to have a performance component or wish to send in research or supported research papers for feedback, should also fill out those two optional sections.
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