Austrija - APS – arts for peace & solidarity
Ovaj seminar će se održati od 23.-30.03.2019 u Austriji, Klaffer. Pokriven je smještaj, hrana i put do 180€. Dobna granica je od 18+ godina. Odabrani sudionici će trebati platiti 30 € participation fee u roku od 24h kada budu odabrani te kupiti kartu kao finalnu potvrdu za sudjelovanje.

Profile of the participants: People working in a formal or informal context with young people, eg. as teachers, youth workers, social workers, prison staff in juvenile prisons, street workers, people working in social institutions,... with GOOD English communication skills, 18+ ; especially those who work with disadvantaged youth!

Project description
Using the topics of democracy and peacekeeping, we will apply the means and methods of aesthetic research and exploration and examine their usability in different pedagogical contexts.
Aesthetic research is a scientific method that can also be used in pedagogy and leisure work with children and adolescents. She uses different artistic stylistic devices to approach different topics. A special emphasis in this seminar will be dedicated to the transfer to one's own work context.
In the course of this seminar, we will explore the issues of democracy and peace through these means and discuss applicability in different areas. Artistic means are mainly the performing game, photography, film and the work with sculptures used. However, you can bring your own artistic forms and try them!

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