NJIT Makerspace Advanced Manufacturing Training - Application Form
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Makerspace Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics Training Program - Summer and Fall 2020
Courses Offered:
#1. Introductory Training: Fundamental Tools, Processes, and Materials
(May through June 2020)

#2. Advanced Training: Fundamental of Mechanical & Electrical Assembly, Maintenance and
(July through August 2020) Must complete #1 - Introductory Training before starting this class.

#3. Foundations of Automation
(September through October 2020) Must complete #2 Advanced Training before starting this class.

The review of applications will start in mid-April 2020 for the Introductory Training Course, in mid-June for the Advanced Training Course, and in mid-July for the Foundations of Automation course.

(Please visit https://www.njitmakerspace.com/advanced-manufacturing-and-mechatronics-training for additional information. You can also write to nce@njit.edu. Please use the subject line NJIT Makerspace Manufacturing Training Program 2020 for all email inquiries)
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