Escrick COVID-19 Community Support
Over the coming weeks it is likely that we will have at least some, if not many, people and/or families in the village needing to self-isolate - either through illness, or simply following Government advice.

Whilst many will be self-sufficient through family and friends, others will require support with basic tasks such as delivery of groceries, collecting prescriptions, or walking of dogs.
As the situation develops, other support may be required, so having a network to call upon may be useful.

How we will use this information:
We have set-up a core group of coordinators who will receive requests, and have access to the information provided in this form. We will try to match the request to the most suitable person and contact them to confirm they are happy to accept the request.

We will be communicating the 'service' more extensively as advice of isolation steps up in the coming week, this includes leaflets for those not online.

We're not asking anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with. We're assuming people are volunteering their time for free, but that the cost of any groceries etc will be paid by the recipient.
This activity is being coordinated by Caroline Wandless (Church warden) and Richard Rowson.

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