Suzannah Blackwell was an educator who tirelessly devoted her life for the education of ESOL students. As a member of Carolina TESOL she was a regional representative for the Upstate of South Carolina.
Eligibility: Applicants must be exceptional English Learners (ELs) admitted and enrolled full-time to an accredited university. However, don't wait to be accepted before you apply.
*Only current SC and NC High School Seniors are eligible, and you must be attending an accredited US university in the 2017-2018 school year.
All currently and formerly identified ESOL students interested in being considered for The Suzannah Blackwell Memorial Scholarship must submit this Application and Essay by April 17, 2017.
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“College life brings new challenges and adversities where students need to demonstrate self-determination to succeed.” Explain about a time when you faced a challenge and persevered. Choose from ONE of the topics below to construct your essay. 1. Describe a time when you made a mistake. Write about what you did, how you took responsibility for your actions, and what you learned. OR 2. Describe a time when you failed. Write about what happened, how you recovered from the failure, and what you learned that will help you in the future.
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Each applicant will need to submit one personal letter of recommendation. Please list the person's name and email below. A request will be sent directly to the person from Carolina TESOL.
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