Geothermal Regulations
The Geo Regulations have largely been superseded by other regulation, such as the RMA, HSNO, PECPR, the recently overhauled Health and Safety At Work Act, and several pieces of new regulation such as The Major Hazard Facilities Regulations. (A quick Google search on the acronyms above will sort you out if you are unfamiliar with those terms). The Geo Regulations are in need of major overhaul, or possibly even repeal.

In addition to regulation, our geothermal industry benefits from two sets of guidelines. These are NZS2403: 2015 Code Of Practice for Deep Geothermal Wells, and the Department Of Labour Guidelines for Shallow Geothermal Wells. NZS2403 was recently updated with considerable input from the NZGA and its members. In our view, these two standards are important because they lessen the need for detailed regulation.

With that in mind, we are keen to hear from you on the following questions:

Is your business or area of interest that of:
What part of the geothermal sector do you represent?
Are the current geothermal regulations relevant to your business?
If yes, how?
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Please list any other relevant pieces of legislation or regulation that govern how you utilise geothermal energy, work in the geothermal sector, or conduct your geothermal business?
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How relevant are either of the NZS2403 Code Of Practice or the DOL Guidelines for Shallow Wells to your business activities:
What do you consider to be the greatest safety risk in your business
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If not managed, and however unlikely you consider it to be, does that risk have the potential to cause:
What do you think the future of the Geothermal Regulations should be?
If you think Geothermal specific regulations are needed, what rules come to mind?
Please provide any other thoughts or input?
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