2019 Nationals Scorebench Volunteers
Inline Hockey New Zealand are calling for experienced volunteers to provide their expertise to running the scorebench at New Zealand National Championships. The national championship is being held in Levin. Scorebench officials are critical to a successful event. On behalf of organisers your assistance is very much appreciated.
Dates are: October 3 to October 13.
Please note this is a critical volunteer role to ensure the scheduling and game results are completed successfully and in a professional manner.
You do need to be REGISTERED with IHNZ through your club, but membership is as a supporter and there is no fee.
Your assistance is appreciated and acknowledged.
Thank you
Krystyna and Shona
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Your "Mission"
The Score-keeping duties include recording information on the official scoresheet and/ or running the time clock, liaising with referees controlling the game, recording information as supplied during the game, marking off players on each roster as being present, recording shots on goal as well as goals scored, recording penalties when called by the referee. In some circumstances you may need to call an issue to the referee's attention or seek advice from event organisers.

It is preferable that scorebench officials are over the age of 16 years and have had experience scoring games throughout the current season.

Once the scoresheet is completed at the end of the game, you need to seek both referees to sign off the sheet. Sheets will be collected, used by orgnisers to record statistics and provide copies to team managers.

There will be a refreshments available on site.

In the event that you are scheduled to a series of games and you find you are unavailable, please make sure the event office staff are notified well in advance to allow a replacement to be found.

If you are available also for Inter Regionals, your details will be shared with IR Organisers. Thank you

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