100 XRP Signup Bonus Application Form
Thank you for the warm support for our campaign (FREE 100 XRP from August 19-31,2019) We have received more than 10,000 registrations. We never expect this huge response. Our team decided to close this free 100 xrp for a better service! All members who registered from August 19 until 27 12-midnight Philippine time will receive 100 xrp.
Please also note, we are on the process of verifying thousands of emails. We want you to expect to receive the bonuses around 1-3 weeks. Those who are using fake accounts won't receive the free 100 XRP! Register now before closing this campaign. If you have concerns, kindly send an email to
phsupport@cryptogt.com and please avoid sending rude concerns. Suggestions are open, feel free to send any suggestions.

See you at the next campaign, We hope all of you will participate 🤗🙏🏾 Once again, thank you and please wait for your bonuses. We will improve our service.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Please check our promotion Terms & conditions.


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