Background Setting Choices For Free Commercials
Choose ONLY 1 - This is simply so that you can pick a Background Setting for your Commercial - Disregard the Spokesmodel - When the Final copy of the Commercial is produced, we might have used a Male or a Female Spokesmodel.

This Spokesmodel is simply being shown as a "placeholder" so that you can get a GENERAL idea of what the Background will look like when the Commercial is finished - The same is true for the Banners & Colors, we will choose the best & most appropriate colors for your Commercial.
Also, Keep in Mind - You WILL Definitely have an opportunity to do a full technical review of the Commercial prior to it ever going into Final Production. FOCUS ON PICKING A BACKGROUND

1 - Pick A Background Setting

2 - Fill in the Number of that Background Setting at the Bottom of the Form

3 - CLICK SUBMIT - You Will Receive A Confirmation Message With A Link to Finish Submitting Your Remaining Information
Background #1 - Tool Wall
Background #2 - Staircase
Background #3 - Workshop
Background #4 - Workshop
Background #5 - Workshop
Background #6 - Workshop
Background #7 - Finished Basement
Background #8 - Penthouse
Background #9 - Backyard Deck
Background #10 - Living Room
Background #11 - Workshop
Background #12 - Open Van
Background #13 - Open Van
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